Friday, 19 April 2013

Crisis of lust

why are you with the person you are today? be it friend or family or love, do you do things for them with an expectation in return. human beings will never return to the level of your expectation. sadly they will most of the times fall short of what you expect them to do. lust is that i want and want now kind of feeling. it is that deep intense desire for something in the human soul or spirit. unfortunately it is the number one destroyer of all things good, because once it is fulfilled it seeks to dispose of the very thing or person that gave the fulfillment. ask yourself if everyone around you stopped doing what they do would you still regard them or will you drop them like a hot potato and say it was good while it lasted. lust creates crisis and creates the worst feeling ever; DISGUST for what was once esteemed, lets choose to be driven by what we can give rather than what we can receive.STOP THE CRISIS BE A GIVER!

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