Wednesday, 17 April 2013

not too much because i love you

Loosing ourselves for the one's we love:
 love makes you do things that look stupid in the eyes of others for those who you love,
Samson gave up the identity of his strength just to prove to Delilah that he loved her,
King Xerxes was ready to give Esther up to half of his kingdom because he loved her,
Jacob worked an extra seven years for Rachel although he had Leah,
Moses mother worked as a nanny to her own son to protect him,
Boaz fulfilled the requirements to marry Ruth,
God gave up his only son to die for a human race that cared less about Him just because he loved us,
love comes with action.
are you afraid to look stupid in the eyes of others for the one's you say you love, then you got miles to go. the greatest beauty of love is loosing yourself so that the other may gain.
How much you are willing to loose is equivalent to how much you love.


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