Thursday, 25 April 2013

simple force that causes great change!

have you ever considered the power of words, a thought came to me that words are just an expression of present,non verbal actions that the rest of your body relays, never underestimate the power of
thank you,
i love you,
you are appreciated,
you are special,
you mean a lot to me,
you are beautiful/ handsome,
I'm proud of you,
this list of but a few of the good things one can say to another can make the difference between outpouring of wrath and turning away of anger (prov 15:1). but as we talk about the positivity of words we must not igore the negativity of words. two kinds of negative words i've come across:
Empty words:
this kind of words i think cause the most damage, i call them misleading because they have the power to create a false sense of exactly what the other person is looking or hoping for. i liken them to throwing a life line to a sinking person then as they pull and reach the edge of the boat cutting it and letting them drown anyway, this words affect the way a person things and their end result is usually
frustration to name but a few. KEEP OFF THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hurtful/Insensitive/Uncaring words:
this words leave scars, a story is told of a young boy who loved to use hurtful words and to show him the impact the father got him to nail poles along their fence then after sometime pull the nails out. the holes where the nails were remained,
i hope we all learn to watch our words because the words you pick will greatly affect your life relations with others,for out of the fullness of your heart does your mouth speak, what are you full of?

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