Thursday, 27 March 2014

Today i am praying for you

In silence i approach
thinking a bout you today more than any other day,
i miss you,
i thank God for you,
for your strength,for all He has seen you through,
for hand picking me and placing me not only in your path,
but in your very life.
choosing me to behold the strength you have,
to learn from you,
to appreciate your laughter,
to share in your pain,
to count the milestones we've passed through
and so today as i think of you,
i pray for you,
that God will grant you
                          peace when the storms are raging,
                          comfort amidst the tears,
                          joy amidst the sorrow,
that He will remind you that you are never alone though it feels like so,
give you hope that  one day it will be a day to smile,
to establlish you and all that you are and have,
to prolong your life that you may be able to witness his faithfulness and his promises fulfilled
i pray that He will lift you up and ease the pain and suffering that you have endured
i pray that He will make love a reality and heal all the scars left by hurt
and that He echo out "talitha kum" to all your dying dreams
i pray for you with immense love in my heart
with overwhelming thanksgiving for all the sacrifices you have made
i pray that doors will open for me to see you and that we will celebrate his faithfulness
i pray that finally you will enter into His rest through faith
that for once you will not have to do so much
i pray that He will forgive you and pardon you and finally work all things together for your good
so i kneel down beside my bed
i hold my hands bound to show Him how helpless i and you are without Him
i take my time to pray
and in case you did not know i am just letting you know
that tonight i am praying for you.

love Heartonsearch.

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