Saturday, 5 April 2014

Grass is greener on your side

I was just sitting down today, then i realised how we often spend life lamenting at the life we have and wishing if only we were allowed to do things differently we would find ourselves on the other side where the grass is always greener. We spend our lives wishing and waiting for
that perfect moment
that perfect job
that perfect house
that perfect man or woman
that perfect body
that perfect friend, church,sibling......... the list is endless. Well i had an aha moment today ,what if the grass is always greener because they that are on the other side took their time to tend and nature their grass? Our generation today is stuck in the popcorn ideology, i want and i have to get immediately. Well a few of us actually do get, but the things they have to do to get immediately would be horrific and mind boggling just to mention. So for all of us who still think grass is still greener on the other side don't be deceived the best things in life come because of taking chances and hard work. You have hidden in you the capacity to make your grass greener too. All it takes is
a little patience
a little love
a little care
a little selflessness
a little risk
and a little effort
and you'll be shocked that it may take you a least amount of time to get started on your lawn than admiring and wishing you could get the neighbors lawn. So today put away your murmuring and complaining and allow yourself to walk at your pace. Do not be rushed by their achievements and be pressured by their success.
Enjoy what you have,
practice and perfect your skill,
appreciate those that are around you,
stop for a minute and thank God for who you are and what he has planned out for your life and appreciate that He's got the blueprint. Be amazed at the architecture that is the world and gain confidence that the same architect is incharge of the project that is your life. Cast not your confidence which has great recompense. Take a chance and do those crazy things they might just turn out to be an invention that will last a lifetime or give you unmatched satisfaction. Reach for the stars, seek God's will, and give it your all,you might just realize that you are too busy chasing after your neighbors lawn when yours was always perfect, just needed some TLC, and that the grass is actually greener on your side!

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