Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Set up for step up

I was just thinking of all the many things that the Devil and those working against you do to push you down and frustrate you,yet all the while they forget how much God is watching over His word to perform it and every setback overcome is a set up for our set up. You set up for better jobs, better relationships, better chances for ministry,better capabilities..... Over time I have learned that it is very important to understand that you are never defeated because God has a nature of overcoming and that He has put the same nature in us. He reminds us of that in 2 Timothy 1:7 for God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind. His piece that God inspired me to write really encouraged me . I hope it does the same for you.
As the leaves fall in the winter cold,
And trees sway left and right in dance to musical breeze,
I'm amazed at how fast the days have skipped,
And at how faithful he has been with every dawn,
See they sought to sift me like wheat,
Put my head for bounty and my spirit as a gunman's target,
Painted my spiritual image with a wanted sign and a price for anyone who would destroy me,
Yet in all this forgot of Him to whom I'm submitted,
With stupidly plotted,
Forgetting he commanded in his law in the act of psalms, section 91,subsection 11,for angels to keep watch over me,
And so he brought the flood to drown me and the storm to sweep me away,
But God cause me to walk on water and used the wind to set me soaring on Eagles wings,
Sent the Hail and thunder, but he who speaks in thunder hid me under......under His wings,under his pavilion,
Took away my direction without knowing to find it I would come into contact with my destiny groomers,
Sickness and diseases that turned out to be a testimony of His greatness,
Took away friends, but that only taught the value of true love,
Crushed my spirit and wounded my soul, but I who called upon the name of the Lord,was set free,now I'm free indeed,
You see no matter what they did they could not erase what God had established through his word for my life,as long as I stayed faithful to Him who called me. I'm still learning but one thing I know He who began a good work in me is faithful to complete it in Christ Jesus and that which was meant to draw me far away from my God brought me closer to the one who loved me,the one who wasn't afraid to lay his life down for me. 

So take heart you are work in's not over until God says So!!!!!!
Loving God Each day,

Friday, 3 October 2014

More costly than Gold

Live in the spirit and you will not fulfill the desires of the flesh..........Galatians 5:16. many young people really struggle with the concept of Holiness and righteous living. The last two months have been quite interesting for me. A man of God i really cherished went to be with the Lord and it left me questioning myself. His life was such an example to me and i felt like a big gap was left for me. i was just thinking today the price of being different, there is this nature that i realized from the beginning was in us to just want to fit in and belong. i might have written this before but it is a challenge for us today to go against the grain.
to say i am longing for you, would be true,
and to declare my utmost desire for you would be my declaration of faith.
To open my mouth and hunger and thirst after righteousness would be a cause worth pursuit,
yet each day i wake up, i look around me, and all i see is what surrounds me.
A norm, a culture of superficiality,
a struggle of humanity, to be who we are meant to be, or who they want us to be,
its amazing how much i  have found myself struggling.
Many of the times holding on to the very thing that was snatched from me,
i worry, i spend time coming up with algorithms and ways to finally get it right.
i challenge my body,
i deny my mind,
i enslave my spirit so as to conform to the standard of what i think is right.
i get into stupid stuff and carry out acts that would surprise coming from someone else.
The reality constantly beats upon my chest as the waves on the sandy shore,
pain striking my life like the shock of a million bolts of thunder, each day striving to attain that level of Holiness, purity and love.
i find myself drifting into frustrations and lost in this confusion of life.
but each time i get there he hooks me like a fish and reels me in back to his arms.
A sad but awakening reality dawned on me today, it is not hard to get the money, the riches, the lush life, the meaningless relations and deceitful titles, but it is costly to go contrary to your nature,
David quotes "in sin did my mother conceive me", i have learnt that to live as Christ did is costly. it will cost you friends, it will cost you opportunities, it will cost you to go against the current,to go against the belief.
See many of us claim to be living holy but are we?
if we were to be tested so many of us would fail. yet its amazing that the grace has already been provided and the battle won. In this past year i have watched friends walk away,family rejections, and segregation but most of the times i have found myself to weak to fight against them, many are the times i have decided to be complacent and to go with the flow, to know God but to deny the power thereof ,its been a journey and it still continues. I know now that to choose life is not as easy as it sounds. Imagine someone telling you that

to live you have to die, you have to be born again, the pharisee Nicodemus, as well schooled in the word could not get it. Biologically once you die you cannot live again. I guess i am afraid to die. afraid to loose it all, but i am trying. This path is so different, so not what i expected. but i am hoping that each day i will be able to lay down my life for Him, just as He did for me. i would rather pay in gold any day but i guess that's how he planned it for me. to cut me of, to make me run after Him. I must take up my cross,and follow him and that to me is more costly than gold. Lord help me each day, keep me in the path of your will,wash me and i will be whiter than snow because after i have died to me , you will resurrect me in glory. i can't wait.........