Wednesday, 26 November 2014

I am Me

Today was a very lovely day and at the end of it I was feeling quite sulk, But the one who is my helper, reminded me of the beauty of the savior I have. 

Just a reminder of who I am.

See I am that silent whisper,
I am that endless converser 
That comfort in turmoil,
That peace in the storm,
That friend you always need,
That direction when you are lost.....
And when they won't listen I always am,
And in their misunderstanding I get it,
I see how hard you try,
I experience the disappointing feeling when you cannot be there for them,
I read the intent in your heart,when all they can do is point fingers,
I know that you try but at times not that hard,
I feel your joy when it works out and the envelope of disappointment when it doesn't,
I know it's hard for you to understand, that it's all for the best......
Keep still because I speak the language of the storm, 
To me it submits and willfully obeys,
I hold the waters in my hand,
I am in you and you in me,
The fulfillment of the law was in me,
The promise of life in my sacrifice,
I am who I am,
I am me,
Me the way,
Me the truth,
And me the life.
No ones comes to my father but by me.

So when you doubt and the darkness seems to overwhelm you, just remember I am who I am.....
And we'll said I am me.......for you!

Love your Redeemer.

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