Thursday, 6 August 2015

He's got you

I am thinking to myself the influence of our early life in our present life. It occurred to me that those who are rich and successful either came from very wealthy families or came from very poor families. Those that came from rich families were groomed to inherit and their parents connected them by placing them in the right schools and taking them to schools abroad that they may live in the wealth....probably for most of them their jobs were as a result of connections with their parents or their parents friends.
Those who are extremely poor were motivated because they wanted a better life for their children or wanted to be that person that got their family out of the deplorable situation. Such probably had basic education and struggled their way through pushing their intellect to achieve more than they had in order to compete for the same positions with this children who were groomed for success. Their first jobs were probably not worth mentioning and they worked as slaves to prove that they too deserved better positions. Their breakthrough for the lucky few was at first effort but for many it came at the point of giving up.
You see life is at times that may seem to conclude but have you ever thought of what drives you.
See the "rich kid" is driven by love
The "poor kid"is driven by fear
But they all make it in the end.
It just hit me today that most of us are busy running from our past, we are so afraid of the thought of ending up like our parents or having our children end up like our parents that we work effortless to achieve our "better life". Fear drive to endless working and more energy. Love drive positions us in a place to work with less energy because it shifts our focus from....i must make it by all means to the intended focus that says i can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.
Scripture has several principles to support this;
He gives sleep to those he loves
He causes to prosper the work of our hands
He has given us all thing pertaining to life and Godliness
He awakens our ears to hear as those who are many more

My point is God has got you. It is time you change your running hard but in God. He is able to give you divine ideas and divine connections and above all the peace of mind that make you more productive.
Work out of Love because he's got you! He sees and hears and even if you do not believe it he is not unfair though it seems that he is 95%of the time.
Just change the strategy work towrads a goal and nor as though running from a pit..He's got you. Work and trust his decree in jer 29:11 His plans are for good and not evil.


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  1. That is so true. Its so hard to trust God entirely when what is visible speaks contrary to belief. But yes, I know above all that He's got me.
    Thanks for this reminder.