Tuesday, 24 November 2015

let me be me!

i may not smile the way you want me to,
that does not make me a lesser me,

i may not laugh at the jokes you expect me to
 but that doesn't mean i do not find you funny,

when you cry i may not embrace you,
even though i care more than you think,

when i am sad i may not show it,
forgive me i am trying to protect you,

see i am me,
and he made me me,
forgive my silence the word taught me so,
forgive my walls, they made me build them,

once in a while i will take down the beauty,
once in a while i will let go of the decorum,
once in a while i will not be so strong..........

this does not mean i am not me, i am me!

i always will be me!
you have to understand that its me
and decide whether to accept me or leave!

Please let me be me


Monday, 23 November 2015


Today i don't know where to turn
That's unusual because i always do
Today i feel the weight heavy
That's unusual because i am always able to carry it
Today i feel like no one's listening
That's ok coz either way they never do!
Today i feel tired and overwhelmed
That's unusual coz i always got it
Today if i could drive to nowhere
Or run as fast as my legs could carry me
Or dance myself to an emotional ending
I would,
But for some reason my driving seems questionable
And running too far from my reach
And songs to dance loud yet in mute
Today i will sleep
Today i will let myself cry
Today i will dream of sleeping in His loving arms
Perhaps i will be better......cause he makes all things beautiful in his time.