Thursday, 7 April 2016


I have a thousand and one words to say but none will come out,
i have trillions of thoughts and none seems to verbalise into words or tears,
my heart is steadfast oh Lord, my heart is steadfast , echoes the song of faith within my spirit,
yes faith....
the evidence of things not seen and substance of things hoped for,
the victory that hs overcome the world.
When the foundations are shaken who will stand ? Is the question pertinent in my mind for today i feel that my foundations are shaken,
yet encourage myself i will that my earthly foundation can be shaken but in Christ the rock of ages i have a house that is built on the rock,
i am the planting of the Lord,
i am that which he formed to establish,
that which is of him is forever, and i am of him because i am washed in the blood and baptized in water having His word abiding in me, and these three bear witness on earth working in agreement.
I will therefore cast not my confidence which has a great recompense and run the race set for me. Looking unto Jesus the author and perfector of my faith, for He who called is FAITHFUL!

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