Thursday, 16 May 2013

Diamonds and Gold go hand in hand

if you ask you will be told that diamonds are a girl's best friend. well i thought that this kind of diamond might not be. it is said that silence is Golden. was just thinking that at times the silence build so much inside of you and especially the kind that comes from trying to be nice and tolerate the friends and people around you, at times you need some eruption. diamonds are made at high pressure. wow! light bulb :). do you know that tears are likened unto diamonds. today i was feeling so pressured up then it occurred to me that at times crying helps, but it also occurred to me that every thing you are going through is making you stronger. so after your gold reaches that point it needs to be adorned by diamonds, let it out it helps, but don't stay there, you are being made into one of the finest diamonds. remember its not good to shut it all up because one day you will explode and it will not be a pleasant sight. once in a while get diamond for your gold. it is hard to do good when everything you are doing is not good enough but keep at it and know that it is just a process to get you looking all sparkly and beautiful. the silence will pay off, the scars will heal,and you will get to that point where all admire your beauty/ handsomeness. if you feel its too much its okay to let it all out, but don't forget to smile and just be beautiful for soon your worth will shine and they will not be able to withstand, you may look as black as carbon(coal) but your almost shining don't forget to think first and act soberly or as I'd
put it in "silence" because diamonds and Gold go hand in hand.  with lots of love Heartonsearch.

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