Sunday, 21 July 2013


Therefore I reached the point where it made no sense at all,
Where it seemed as though I was being punished because of waiting on your word,
When all around me gave their counsel for me to run,
Yet I choose not to listen to the counsel of those around me,
 Reminded of the two kings who heeded the advice of others,
Almost losing their blessing and their kingdom,
Knowing that my heart is desperately wicked above all things and untrustworthy,
Yet you discern its intents,
Dividing my bone from marrow with the sword of your word,
And so I will return to your word,
Because it was in the beginning, it was you and is you,
And so I’ll return to the beginning,
Where it was me and you,
Many are the plans of the heart but the answer of the mouth comes from you,
I will no longer be enslaved
By the misery of my heart,
By the uncertainties of my mind,
Crying out for creation of a clean heart and renewal of a right spirit
Knowing that my substance being unformed you knew me,
And numbered were the days you kept for me,
The journey from a place of known to a place of unknown is not the easiest,
And bearing me witness are the kinds of Abraham and Moses who despite the difficulties decided to obey,
And though my heart unsure may cause me not to heed your word,
And though my spirit anguished may warrant me to sit in pity,
I will arise,
No longer will I look to the men around me to deep me in the pool once stirred by the Angel to receive my healing’
But I will listen to the voice standing by the waters to take up my mat and walk,
Yes walk away from this wish I could, wish I would mentality,
Rising up to the reality that I am precious and loved beyond measure,
Sit at  the table set by my master for my pleasure and find a treasure in the love he holds for me in full measure,
A cup overflowing with sure goodness and mercy,
Singing Jesus you have prevailed
Knowing that I am God’s own, just like the nation of Israel was because of Abraham’s obedience,
I have been brought to the fold because of Christ’s obedience,
He who died is risen that I may be well,
And so I will return to the beginning where it was me and you,
And stop beating up myself for the past, because in you I am made new,
Washed and sanctified,
No more tears,
for you fill my mouth with laughter,
Giving me shoes for dancing, I will dance to my victory,
Understanding that you take my filthy rags and trade them for robes of righteousness,
No more sheets, as you unveil me to your truth, just like the lady at the well, no longer ashamed but amazed that you know me from the inside out,
Shout out loud that the world may know that I am loved by he who calls me the planting of the Lord,
So I will go back to the beginning and he will lead me to the end.

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