Wednesday, 2 April 2014

is it worth the investment

many companies before taking on a Project or an investment usually do a cost benefit analysis to see whether it will be worth to undertake the same. it occurred to me just a few days ago as i read my friends page on merger and acquisitions. she went on to explain that marriages are mergers and not acquisitions. this got me thinking that before a decision is made for a merger there must be a cost benefit analysis study that is done by both parties. decisions to merge can be base on weakness, or strength.
mergers made on weakness decisions are usually in such a way that the person with strength has more rights to decision making.
on strength is based on the we are so good apart think how much better we would be together.
but all this is for another day. back to my analysis. in relationships we find that most of the time ladies base their choices on financial benefits and benefits of being loved while men base it on looks and once in a while character. don't get me wrong there is the rare statistic that actually base it real issues.
 consider how easy is it to get conversations going, can you sit in a room and just talk about anything? how well does this person get you? can you argue and disagree to agree? does this person really consider your input or is he or she bent on showing you his or her superiority and difference in life? are there gaps in character that you really struggle with when with this person? after all this are the things that pop up in arguments or as said as slight comments. find the root of this and address them comments like i don't like a certain thing about you, or this thing about you scares me. i once came a cross such a scenario where the lady was so pretty yet so blond and this dude was so much disturbed by her blondness but would always just pass it on and kindly tell her don't talk just smile. until one day he had to leave her with the friend to attend to the call of nature and men did this chic display all her folly at the surprise of his friend. if there are things that bother you are you comfortable about them or do you want too hide them. count the cost of hiding them before you move on coz this guy was teased so much about it and since h had never accepted that side of her eventually one thing led to another and the guy let her go to protect himself. always remember every investment takes time, energy, heart and emotion. don't be selfish to the other person and don't also deceive yourself. friends are people whom you have accepted for who they are and are a reality to you just as they are. friendship is very important and should be factored in decisions to invest or not. just but a few on one area of friendship. are you really friends. remember too be yourself so that others can be friend the real you and not a clone and get shocked later
build the bridges and you will be able to cross in and out of ones hearts.
with love

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