Saturday, 27 September 2014

Reflections 2013-2014

So today was my birthday. I don,t normally make a fuss about celebrating my birthday but for some reason this year meant a lot to me. i remember praying for the day and asking God that it be a perfect and happy day and one that i would remember. As i sit back at the end of this particularly uneventful day i find my thoughts drifting back into memories of the year 2013-2014. I must say this year was a tough one, but as i think about it, it was a good year, one i think is worth mentioning.
God is the Author and the perfecter of all things me.
      most of the time through the years i have always panicked and wondered if He got things under control, well this past year was a clear indication that He does, i went through the waters and climbed mountains and through so much but in the end He always made sense that He was the one steering the boat, i was taught to trust in him even in the most difficult situations and for sure he carried me through.
Letting go is the beginning of letting God...
this one was a challenge because i am not the let go "kinda" person. i always want to hold on and do all i can to salvage situations. Now i know it is okay to let go. At times God allows us to go through some stuff to build us up, to nature us or to discipline us. if there is something i have accepted, is just because it did not happen doesn't mean you failed. i always tried to be perfect and try to be all things and pull all things together, sacrifice myself just to keep holding on....well if it changes you that much and causes you discomfort and even through prayer doesn't bring you peace or make you settled then its time to let go.
Live within my boundaries.......
this was the toughest for me, i am used to spending all i have just for others to get a good impression of me; be it getting into promises to salvage situations, going all out for others, i would do it and at the end of the day be so spent or so fatigued and damaged that i would end up so tired yet pick myself up the next day and do the same. i am learning to love me and to appreciate those who love me for me and with that the important statement "NO" was added to my vocabulary  which made my life far much better.
Life is awesome, Enjoy it,Love it,Savor it..........
always having a tendency to look into the future and not enjoy the today, life is fast paced but as you run take a moment to stop and look around. the scenery is breath taking.
Cherish what you have.......................
loving my friends was a challenge this past year and i know God will make it better this year.
there are so many positives i have gained and negatives i have been made aware of. As the sun goes down on this year and a new day dawns for me, i know that this year...
i will loose some friends
i will gain new friends
i will love more
i will laugh a lot
and above all i will touch some lives for his Glory.
i am grateful to God that in my immaturity He is making me mature, and in my stupidity he is making me wise, in my lack he is giving me plenty and though like Elijah, Ahab and his chariots have gone ahead of me, i need not be afraid ,because When His spirit comes down upon my life....He will anoint me to catch up with them that have gone ahead and give me the speed to overtake them. All i need is too stay focused on Him. So 2014-2015 is my year of seeking God's face........thank you to all who made 2013-2014 a blast, and to all who pierced my side, it was all worthwhile and a part of his plan for me. i am more passionate and more in love with my Redeemer King.
keep it real and remember Jesus is the only way to the Father.....John 14:16

love always,

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